George Fraser  III was born at Matakana on 21st February 1856.  He was an apprentice to his father’s well known Auckland Engineering firm.

The Frasers provided most, if not all, the ferry boats for the Waitemata Harbour Services in the early days. If you name was Fraser, you could travel the ferries free of charge.

George was not a Catholic when he married Ellen Jane Watson,.  Their two sons, George and John Ernest were two of the first boarders at Sacred Heart College, Richmond Road, and their daughter, Stella, St Mary’s College, Ponsonby.

Six of the Fraser grandchildren attended St Mary’s, Northcote, when our school was opened in 1933.  A special treat was a trip to the Strawberry fields in Northcote.

George III was Mayor of Northcote and Fraser Avenue was named after him.  Their home still remains today in Clarence Road, behind the BridgewayTheatre, which his some built on his return from World War I, serving in the Medical Corp. in Gallipoli.

 George III became a Catholic shortly before his death in 1933 and this Statue of Our Lady was erected by his wife, Ellen, in thanksgiving to Mary.

 The statue was originally in the centre of the playground and on this Feast Day of Our Lady’s Assumption into Heaven, the children of the school would gather around the statue and place a garland of flowers on the head of Our Lady.

1861 Three acres of land was gifted to Bishop Pompallier by Phillip Callan – Birkenhead Cemetery, North Shore was originally serviced by the Cathedral until 1904.
1904 Devonport parish established. PP Fr Furlong
1914 PP Fr Patterson - Devonport
1916 District hall in Northcote purchased and converted to church – PP Takapuna Fr Kelly.
1921 Fr Brady World War I Padre – Fr Doyle PP Devonport – Fr Eugene O’Connor PP Takapuna.
1928 Hato Petera established as catechists school.
1930 6 April Northcote parish established – then St John the Baptist - to cover territory to the west. Presbytery was a rented house in Fairfax Avenue. 1930-1932 PP Fr John Brennan. First baptisms  20/4/1930.
1931 PP Fr John Taylor 1932-1936.
1932 First wedding 15/2/1933. March 1933 Convent and primary school established by Dominican Sisters.
1936 Fr Maurice Hunt PP 1936-1949
1938 19/8/38 Convent burnt down (caused by trying to rear chicks – heating area by kerosene heater).
1945 Hato Petera established for Maori Boys College.
1949 Fr Francis Terry PP 1949-1963.
1953 Primary school extended and secondary school opened (St Dominics).
1960 Planned Giving Programme established in Northcote. Parish Dinner 24.7.98
1963 Big drive to boost PG. PP Philip Purcell 1963-1972.
1964 New church blessed on the 7th of June and opened (present church) to seat 500. Cost 31,750. Mosaics cost 100 each fitted to church.
1967 Dominican Sisters moved to Henderson. Mercy Sisters took over Convent and school.
1969 Solemn Consecration of church on 23rd March by Archbishop James Liston.
1970 20.4.86 De Paul House opened.
1972 PP Fr John Lyons 1972-1983. Beachhaven parish established.
1973 Glenfield parish established.
1983 PP Fr Lawrence Sakey 1983-1990. Assistant Priest Fr Ivan Lunjevich.
1984 18.8.84. Fr Paul Rankin OP ordained by Bishop Denis Browne at St Mary’s.
1987 Yvan Sergy – Swiss Seminarian served in Northcote (December 1986 to May 1987). He was ordained in Switzerland 1988.
1988 Parish hall opened 15.5.88.
1990 PP Fr Pat Dunn (Bishop Pat now) 1990-1992. Fr Ivan remains.
1992 PP Fr John Dunn 1992-1994. Fr Ivan remains.
1994 PP Dr Dennis Horton – resigned December 1996. Fr Ivan remains.
1997 February to August Fr Bernard Kiely, Administrator. September Fr David Tonks appointed Parish Priest.
2003 Iosefa Euese (Samoan Priest ordained 9.11.2002) joined parish team as junior assistant Priest.
2004 Iosefa Euese transferred.
2005 July 2005 Fr David Tonks transferred/appointed Bishop Pat Dunn’s Pastoral Assistant, domiciled at the Cathedral Presbytery. July 2005 Fr Craig Dunford appointed Administrator at Northcote. Fr Benedict Francis (newly arrived from India) appointed Assistant Priest. Fr Ivan Lunjevich remains.
2006 August 2006 Fr Benedict Francis goes to Hibiscus Coast Parish, while Fr Peter Tipene away to study. Fr Ivan Remains September 2006. Fr Vernon D’Chuna temporarily appointed assistant at Northcote. Fr Craig Dunford appointed Parish Priest.
2008 Deacon Samuel Pulanco (ordained Priest December 8, 2008) at Northcote until January 2009 when he was then transferred to Howick Parish as Assistant Priest. Fr Ivan remains, Senior Assistant.
2009 Filipino Seminarian, Larry Rustia, lives at Northcote from September 2009.
2010 Fr Ivan retires to St John Vianney House at the end of March 2010. Deacon Alfredo Garcia (Filipino) joins St Mary’s Parish Team in April as did Fr Stanko Grubic (Croatian Chaplain) and Assistant Priest at Northcote. Deacon Alfredo Garcia moved to Remuera November 2010. Deacon Larry Rustia re-joined Northcote team November 2010.
2011 February Fr Stanko leaves. Larry Rustia ordained priest 07 May 2011, continues at Northcote as Assistant. Fr Craig continues as PP.
2013 Fr Craig continues as Parish Priest. Fr Larry transferred to Cathedral in February 2013 Fr Elric Jorquia (Filipino) arrives February 2013 as Assistant Priest.